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Why Solar

Solar - You Collect - You Save

Free solar energy

Collect your own green solar energy. This energy is completely free and you don't have to buy it from the energy grid.

Reduce grid consumption, save on the bill

Since you consume less electricity from the grid, your energy bill decreases. If you generate more electricity than you need, you can sell it back to the grid, further reducing your energy bill. You benefit from high efficiency and a quick return on investment.

Higher efficiency, quicker return of investment

Thanks to the high quality of modern solar panels, they yield a higher efficiency compared to older models, resulting in a quicker return on investment.

Subsidies and improved energy label

Additionally, depending in the country where you live, there are various subsidies available for solar panels. Your property receives a better Energy Label. The Energy Label indicates how energy-efficient your property is. The better your Energy Label, the higher the value of your property when selling.

Increased property value

Making your home or office more sustainable is always a good idea. The investment pays for itself within just a few years and also increases the value of the property.

Save the planet

You help saving our planet by collecting clean and freely available solar energy in a ecological manner. By generating your own green energy, you reduce the environmental burden significantly. You lower your energy bill.


Solar Solution

Standard service

Free advise

Free quote

Custom design to fit your situation and solar solution.

Premium Brands for Solar PV Panels and Inverters

Fast implementation within 4 weeks

Qualified and Certified personel

Expansion & extension possibilities with COLLECT - STORE - MOTION

Installation service

Implementation report

Monitoring service

Mobile App

Optional service

Maintenance service

Extension with STORE: Battery Solution

Extension with MOTION: Airco Solution

Extension with MOTION: Heat Pump Solution

Extension with MOTION: E-Mobility Solution


Premium Brands and Solutions


Solar PV Panels

There are many brands available, but we only use TIER1 PV Panels. We follow technological improvements and our solutions are constantly in line with these developments. As performance of the solar panels increases, so will we use these solar panels to obtain the greatest energy production at the lowest cost. Besides technological reasons, we also take in to account the estatic argument. What is the most suitable solutions for your situation. Your desires are taken in to account.


We prefer to use PV panels from Jinko. They are available in different power classes and types.


Solar Inverters

Depending on your current situation and your future desires, we work with the technology from Enphase and SolarEdge. Enphase uses micro inverters and SolarEdge makes use of power optimizers. Both solutions are good for all weather situations and can handle shade to optimize energy production.


We give advise on the possible solutions depending on the energy production size, desires to expand and extend the solution with STORE Solutions like Batteries or MOTION Solutions like E-Mobility, Airco or Heat Pump. It is like a puzzle where we don't only look at the short term goal, but we also look at your next step.


Certified Installation Partners

Our solutions are designed and installed by certified partners that poses the required certifications and qualifications.


Domestic and Business use

We deliver solutions suitable for domestic and business use. The main difference is the sizing of the solution which determines what the best solutions is for the situation.


For domestic use the simplest could very well be the application of an Enphase system whereas the larger scale that businesses might require might result in a SolarEdge solution.

Please fill in the contact form for custom advise.


Solar Solution benefits

The Solar solution consists of different products to build the optimal solar panel and converter solution for your home or office.

Custom fit solution

Your home or office has its unique location and roof properties. Choose the perfect solution for your situation for optimal results and performance.

Long-Lasting Performance

The solar panels have a long life span and power performance which is covered by the warrenty of the manufacturer.

Mobile Solar Green Energy App

The Energy production and configuration can be monitored with the freely available mobile app for Android and iPhone.


Any place, any time, anywhere.

Installation Service

Your custom fit solar solution is profesionally installed by our team. You don't have to worry. Everything is taken care of.

Maintenance Service

Your installation is configured in our monitoring system. Any maintenance you require can be performed by our team.


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