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Your way of electronic garden care and maintenance.

The e-Garden solution consists of different products required for maintenance of the garden.

Long-Lasting Performance

The e-garden products are powerd by Lithium batteries which have a large power capacity and provide equivalent power to fueled products.

All Terrain

The e-garden products are suitable for all kinds of gardens. The e-garden product is great for small gardens in the city and in the fields or forrests.

Low-noise for drive and environment 

The e-garden product is quiet. This is very valuable in urban and nature environments.

Zero Emissions, zero smells

The e-garden products have zero emissions which is great for a sustainable transportation sollution.

No fueling

The e-garden product requires no fueling. There is no need to fill up the fuel tank. You can safe money on the ever increasing costs of fuels. Charge by solar or wind energy or the grid connection if available.

The Green Eco Energy Life Cycle

Our planet earth provides us with free solar and wind energy. These are sustainable sources of green energy.

We at Spark Motion Solutions provide flexible sourcing and storage solutions for in-house and in-company energy infrastructure reducing the risk of power failure and controlling your own power supply chain.

The green energy can be provided to ecological solutions for maintenance of gardens and natural environment of house and company.

Providing your own green energy in a sustainable manner is a good way of living creating fun and having energy for a wonderful life.

See the e-Garden Solutions

Garden tools with the power and performance of fuel equipment, but the clean and silent experience of nature.

Zero Turn mower with battery technology


Grass mower with battery technology

Robot mower with battery technology

Brushcutter and Grass trimmer with battery technology

Chain saw with battery technology

Hedge trimmer with battery technology

Leaf blower with battery technology

Multi tool with battery technology


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