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About SparkMotion Solutions: A Triad of Forces Driving Sustainable Innovation


Welcome to SparkMotion Solutions, where a passion for sustainable innovation and adventure converges. We're not just a business; we're a dynamic trio believing in the power of change. Meet the visionaries behind SparkMotion Solutions: Dirk Voet, Paula de Jonge, and Yardo Voet.


Empowering Your World with Sustainable Energy Solutions

SparkMotion Solutions offers solutions for generating, storing and 

deployment of sustainable green energy inside and outside your 

home or company.


Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

SparkMotion Solutions recognizes a growing need for sustainable green energy and its deployment. The energy infrastructure 

isn’t fit and it becomes more important to create 

local storage solutions inside and outside 

your home or company.

Meet Our Super Team

Dirk Voet: IT Pioneer with a Vision for Change 

As the driving force behind our venture, Dirk Voet boasts an impressive career in IT. After years of technological innovation, Dirk decided it was time for a new direction—one focused on sustainable solutions for the future. Dirk combines his IT expertise with a fresh vision, believing that the path to sustainability begins with innovation and bold choices.

Dirk Voet


Paula de Jonge: Graphic Artist with a Heart for Humanity 

Paula de Jonge, with her graphic background and experience in healthcare, brings a unique blend of creativity and empathy to SparkMotion Solutions. Her passion for design and insight into human needs converge in the mission to make sustainable solutions accessible and appealing. Paula believes a greener future should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing and inspiring.

Paula de Jonge


Yardo Voet: The Young Force with a Technical Eye 

Yardo Voet injects a breath of technical expertise into SparkMotion Solutions. Trained in installation technology, Yardo shares his vision of sustainability and innovation. His hands-on approach and technical skills contribute to the practical implementation of our mission, making sustainable solutions tangible.

Yardo Voet


Our Forces United: A Mission for Sustainable Mobility, Energy, and Adventure

At SparkMotion Solutions, Dirk, Paula, and Yardo combine their forces to fulfill a mission beyond business success. We aspire to a world where sustainable mobility, energy storage, and adventure are accessible to everyone. Our dynamic backgrounds and shared vision form the core of SparkMotion Solutions.


Dare to join us on this journey to a greener, more adventurous future. Spark the Motion - together, we are building a sustainable legacy.

Discover the SparkMotion Experience

Sustainable Adventure in Every Step

At SparkMotion Solutions, we go beyond merely offering products; we craft an experience infused with sustainable adventure and joy. Our approach starts with seeking out the very best suppliers that meet our high standards for sustainable energy solutions, all while keeping the human touch in focus.


Why SparkMotion Solutions

Sustainability at the Forefront: We embrace sustainability as a guiding principle. Our carefully selected suppliers share our dedication to eco-friendly solutions, collectively building towards a greener future.

Human Touch: At SparkMotion Solutions, we never lose sight of the human touch. Our collaborations are built on respect, honesty, and a shared passion for sustainable adventure.

Adventure in Every Detail: Adventure is at the core of everything we do. From our product selection to the way we conduct business, we strive for a vibrant, adventurous experience that inspires you to reach new heights.

Sustainable Fun: Fun is a top priority for us. Each product is designed with ease of use and enjoyment in mind, ensuring that sustainability goes hand in hand with a delightful experience.

Experience the SparkMotion Revolution: Discover a world where sustainability, adventure, and fun converge. At SparkMotion Solutions, we go beyond a transaction; we offer a lifestyle. Choose sustainability, choose adventure - choose SparkMotion Solutions and embrace a new way of living.

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Apeldoorn, Nederland

Phone: +31 55 000 000



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